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Bamboo Blinds

Outdoor Bamboo blinds are installed outside the window like; on a large porch or Balcony to protect from harsh Sunlight, rain & Wind.

You can use this type of Bamboo blinds to have all the protection you need and give a decorative look to the outdoor area with 100% natural Bamboo.

Outdoor Bamboo curtains/Blinds are used in balconies, Terrace, Utility, and other large open areas to get protection from Harsh Sunlight, Rain, and wind. Bamboo Blinds are made with 100% natural bamboo. The Rolling mechanism makes it easy to use and allows you to roll & stop the blinds anywhere.

The outdoor balcony blinds and shades are sealed panel-wise hence damage can be easily repaired by merely replacing a panel rather than replacing the whole blind.

Stainless steel guides and cables provide long-lasting support and life to your Bamboo balcony blinds in Bangalore. Perfectly suited as exterior shades / outdoor blinds for sea-facing resorts, open restaurants, food courts, roof-top cafeterias, and gardens.

  • Material : Natural Bamboo

  • Color : Multi-color

  • Mechanism : Roller 

  • Usage : Balcony, Home & Utility area

  • Suitable For : Window, Balcony & Terrace

  • Our Executive will visit your place for the measurements and show the samples.

  • The final quote will be given shortly after the measurements are taken.

  • 50% Advance payment to place the order.

  • The Installation will be done in 4-6 days only. 

  • Repair and Replacement services are available.