Roller balcony blinds

Roller balcony blinds in Bangalore are available in various designs and colour options. These roller balcony blinds can be customized to co-ordinate with your personal design preferences. Roller blinds provide excellent noise and light isolation and a higher level of security. Light shading, heat reduction, glare control and dim-out roller blinds minimal amount of fabric, lay flat against the window and roll up to let a maximum amount of light into the room.

Roller balcony Blinds in Bangalore are with perforations that are skill full balanced to block the maximum amount of light flow without obstructing the outside view. These roller blinds in Bangalore can be mounted inside the window recess. Roller blinds can be teamed up with curtains, valances, pelmets and swags and tails to give a co-ordinating look.

When it comes to simple, practical and affordable outdoor dressing solution, Outdoor Roller Blind – Balcony blinds is one of economical and outdoor sunshade top choice for balconies, yard, patios, restaurants and cafes. These sunscreen gives an excellent sun protection with a various textures and colours of fabric selection will adds style to your outdoor areas and privacy.

Roller balcony blinds can provide a captivating touch of nature and texture to any house. To talk to one of our design consultants about using Roller balcony blinds in your home, give us a call at +91 9880747100

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PVC Outdoor Waterproof Blinds

Roller balcony blinds in Bangalore are made from special PVC and acrylic fabrics. The former ensures a lasting ‘new-ness’ of your exterior blinds and the latter allow light to pass freely making it a perfect shield. Our waterproof roller blinds are perfect for home and business use. We provide a wide enough variety of waterproof Roller balcony blinds that match your unique design, style, and layout.

The Roller balcony blinds in Bangalore and outdoor balcony blinds are not only safeguard against water but also heat and dust giving protection all-year around. The outdoor Roller balcony blinds in Bangalore are sealed panel-wise hence damage can be easily repaired by merely replacing a panel rather than replacing the whole blind.

Stainless steel guides and cables provide long lasting support and life to your balcony blinds. Perfectly suited as exterior shades / outdoor blinds for sea-facing resorts, open restaurants, food courts, roof-top cafeterias and gardens.

Sun control Roller Balcony Blinds 

can enlighten any room through the use of colours, design and texture. Due to Vibrant colours Roller balcony Blind is suitor to any home and office.

Roller blinds also available in Printed and Plain Fabrics which are stylish, easy to operate and maintenance free, they add beauty and elegance to interior as well a wonderful touch to homes and office from mild to room darkening, a perfect light control as per the needs.