Best Outdoor PVC Blinds in Bangalore ₹75/- per sqft

Outdoor PVC Balcony blinds are meant for privacy and are in demand in Bangalore. Our outdoor PVC balcony blinds ensure complete privacy to your house or office areas, it avoids harsh sunlight, rain and, dust. Our outdoor PVC blinds in Bangalore shield out external view, allowing uninhibited view from a single side and that is yours.

When it comes to enjoying the view and entertaining the guests, your home balcony plays an important role. Not only can you use your patio as a place to hang out with friends, but it is also an excellent spot for you to spend time with your family.

However, the bright sun and privacy issues may make it difficult for you to relax on your balcony. That is where outdoor PVC blinds come in, and there are plenty of options to choose from. So to make things easier, we at Balcony Blinds Bangalore have decided to tell you about the best types of Outdoor PVC blinds in Bangalore, that you can install on your balcony. 

 In case you are not sure about what kind of outdoor PVC blinds to choose from, then keep reading because this is what we will tell you about in this article.

Best Outdoor PVC Blinds in Bangalore 

At Balcony Blinds Bangalore, we often get people asking us about the best types of Outdoor PVC blinds in Bangalore. While we have different types of durable and long-lasting blinds, some outdoor balcony blinds perform better for the balcony purpose.

Here We Go,

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1. Roller Balcony Blinds in Bangalore

Roller balcony blinds are one of the best balcony blinds in Bangalore. Outdoor roller balcony blinds come with a rolling mechanism to open and close the blinds. Thanks to this roller mechanism, outdoor roller blinds are easy to roll up or down when needed. 

Outdoor roller balcony blinds are a smart and secure option for homes and commercial spaces. The shutters are used for maximizing security, noise reduction, and energy saving. Available in various colors and manufactured with robust material, these shutters are enduring and cost-effective for the benefits they offer.

The bottom of the roller balcony blinds can be hooked to the support on the ground or the walls, and once appropriately secured, outdoor roller balcony blinds in Bangalore form a neat screen that offers protection and enhances the appearance of your balcony. Our range of outdoor roller balcony blinds provides UV protection and wind protection all at the same time.

Our Roller balcony blinds features

  • Specially designed for complete privacy.
  • Available a variety of colors, designs, and materials to give you an ample choice to suit your decor best
  • A manual system that makes our exterior blinds very easy-to-operate
  • Our exterior PVC blinds are made with age-resistant materials ensuring durability and long-lasting
  • Highly suitable for balconies, sea-facing resorts, open restaurants, food courts, gardens, and so on.
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2. PVC Blinds in Bangalore

PVC is a synthetic material used in a multitude of plastic products in various industries. PVC blinds are fashionable window coverings in Bangalore. These PVC blinds in Bangalore properly cover the windows and they work well in humid rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, or other humid areas.

PVC blinds are a track-mounted outdoor blind system designed and made to suit Bangalore weather conditions. They are commonly installed in coastal locations prone to high winds because they have a strong and robust design. This provides their owners with a more enjoyable outdoor entertaining space. PVC blinds are known as one of the strongest track-mounted blinds on the market and can handle far more harsh weather (mainly wind and rain) than most competitor blinds.

They are easily operated with both manual and automatic options and provide protection from outdoor weather. They can be used in residential or commercial applications and are great at providing flow between indoors and outdoors. When having PVC blinds installed by Balcony Blinds Bangalore you can rest assured knowing you will be getting the best quality products, fixings, and installation.

PVC Blinds without side borders costs only Rs.75/- per sqft

Our PVC balcony blinds features

  • High Resilience
  • Appropriate for the majority of the window and door fittings
  • Aesthetic value
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Saves cost
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3. Monsoon Blinds in Bangalore | Waterproof Blinds

Our monsoon blinds in Bangalore are made using high-quality Japanese PVC material and are offered in three different thicknesses – 0.5mm, 0.63mm, and 1.80mm. These custom-fit blinds withstand Indian tropical weather effects such as harsh rain, wind, or heat.

Outdoor monsoon blinds are a smart and secure option for homes and restaurants spaces. The monsoon blinds are used for maximizing security, noise reduction, and energy saving. manufactured with robust material, these shutters are enduring and cost-effective for the benefits they offer.

The outdoor monsoon balcony blinds and shades are sealed panel-wise hence damage can be easily repaired by merely replacing a panel rather than replacing the whole blind. Stainless steel guides and cables provide long-lasting support and life to your balcony blinds.

Our monsoon balcony blinds features

  • Designed to withstand torrential rains and intense wind pressure, without blocking the outside view
  • Specially recommended for balconies, food courts, roof top cafeterias, Beach Resorts, garden restaurants.
  • Customized to fit perfectly and create better looking locales
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4. Balcony Bamboo Blinds in Bangalore

Balcony bamboo blinds are a type of window covering used to block out the sun and are different from a standard window shade. We provide top-quality Balcony bamboo blinds in Bangalore. when they are open they are visibly smooth, not bumpy or ribbed like typical vertical shades or blinds. Balcony Bamboo Blinds are being increasingly used by people who want to make their windows look different.

Balcony bamboo blinds in Bangalore can be cleaned and maintained easily with the help of Furniture Polish. When maintained properly, they can last for a much longer time. These window blinds in Bangalore are made from natural timbers and bring a natural feel to your home and office.

To add beauty and looks elegant to your outdoor space, one of the top choices of outdoor shades is Bamboo Balcony Blinds, made from natural bamboos that provide a natural appearance and are homely for outdoors. It gives a warm and calm atmosphere. These Balcony bamboo blinds in Bangalore are also suitable for indoor use.

Our balcony bamboo blinds features


To talk to one of our design consultants about Outdoor blinds for your home, give us a call at +91 6360787290

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Best Waterproof Balcony Blinds | Monsoon Blinds – 2021

If your looking for Waterproof Balcony Blinds or Monsoon Blinds in Bangalore, then this blog will help you to pick the perfect waterproof blinds for your need. When it comes to Waterproof balcony blinds, Most of you want blinds to avoid Rain and Dust. So keeping this in mind let’s see the best options available in the market.

Monsoon blinds or Waterproof balcony blinds combine tough protection with complementary style for demanding exteriors. Strong and long-lasting, Monsoon balcony blinds provide complete protection against rain and all kinds of weather. Built with top-grade materials, which include 316 marine-grade stainless steel, soft PVC, and over 60 colors.

Waterproof balcony blinds are produced using scratch-safe PVC and acrylic textures. The previous guarantees an enduring of your outside blinds and the last permit light to pass uninhibitedly making it an ideal safeguard. Our waterproof balcony blinds(monsoon blinds) are ideal for home and commercial use. We give a wide enough assortment of waterproof overhang blinds that match your exceptional plan, style, and format.

Our Waterproof balcony blinds(monsoon blinds)are made utilizing great Japanese PVC material and are offered in three unique thicknesses – 0.5mm, 0.63mm, and 1.80mm. These specially fit blinds withstand Indian heat and humidity impacts like rain, wind, or heat.

Monsoon Blinds Price

Monsoon BlindsRs.260 Per SQFT
Installation chargersRs.200 per Blinds
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Monsoon Blinds

Monsoon blinds can be customized design using PVC & Fabric together. The UV stabilized Clear & Blackout PVC transparent fabric keeps the water away while the Free Stainless Steel Cables and Fixtures withstand heavy rains and harsh winds.

Monsoon blinds are mainly used to protect your interior from rainwater. These blinds are made up of transparent PVC plastic which helps in protecting your interior from water entering into your room at the same with the by using clear Acrylic plastic they do not block the outside view.

Key features of Monsoon Blinds

  • Easy to maintain
  • Customizable
  • Easy installation
  • Made up of transparent plastic material
  • Stops sun, rain, and strong wind (60-70Kmph)
  • Stainless Steel cables and ground locking aluminum bars are rust-free.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Fully retractable.


Home, Resorts, Hotels & more…

Our Monsoon blinds(waterproof balcony blinds) rain and wind protection system can be effectively used in houses, resorts, beach clubs, farmhouses & outdoor dining spaces. The utilization of solid and hardware systems allows the blind to withstand strong sea wind on beachfront resorts. while keeping up the external view.

Manufactured using transparent high-quality Japanese PVC material, these waterproof balcony blinds in Bangalore will prevent water from entering your space and thus help in protecting your interiors. Manufactured using transparent high-quality Japanese PVC material, monsoon will prevent water from entering your space and thus help in protecting your interiors.

How to Clean Monsoon Blinds

  • Dusting.
    Regular dusting maintains a like-new appearance of most blinds, shades, shadings, and sheers.
  • Vacuuming. 
    For deeper cleaning, vacuum gently with a brush attachment of any vacuum cleaner. Most products may be vacuumed using a vertical stroke.
    Compressed air or hair dryer (non-heat setting). Use to blow the dust off selected window coverings.
  • Spot-cleaning. 
    Spot-clean shades and blinds with a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water. Add mild detergent if needed. Blot gently to avoid creasing or damaging the fabric. Rubbing can damage fabrics. Spot-cleaning may result in cleaner areas.
  • Stain-finished wood blinds. 
    Water may damage the surface, so use lemon oil or wood preservative to clean.
  • Aluminum Venetian blinds. 
    Use an over-the-counter blind cleaner with a soft cloth.

Waterproof Balcony Blinds

Waterproof balcony blinds come in a range of styles and are designed to withstand rainwater and high humidity. These Waterproof balcony blinds can be made with blackout fabric or sheer materials, offering a high degree of light control.

You might want also to consider a window film. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and can be found at most home improvement stores. some sort of fabric treatment that can be removed and washed as needed, however any fabrics will wear out over time with constant moisture.

Waterproof balcony blinds in Bangalore are at an affordable price in Bangalore. So where to buy from? The best option to buy from will be Sonu home furnishings, they provide all kinds of blinds and shades in Bangalore. With over 8 years of Experience in the furnishings field and 2000+ clients in Bangalore, Sonu Home Furnishings will provide you the best Waterproof balcony blinds(Monsoon blinds) with top quality fabrics, at an affordable price range.

Installation Monsoon Balcony Blinds

All blinds for Waterproof balcony in Bangalore will have their own installation hardware and instructions, most installations are very easy. Brackets and wood screws are included. Though depending on the type of surface you will be installing on (such as brick, stone, or metal) you may need alternative screws like masonry or self-tapping screws. For large shades, you may also need an extra set of hands to help support the shade.

If you Order Balcony blinds in Bangalore from, then the installation process is taken care from the company side with installation chargers applied.

FAQ about Monsoon Blinds

What is monsoon blinds?

Monsoon blinds or Waterproof balcony blinds combine tough protection with complementary style for demanding exteriors. Strong and long-lasting, Monsoon balcony blinds provide complete protection against rain and all kinds of weather.

Are bamboo blinds waterproof?

Bamboo thrives naturally in wet, tropical environments, so a little rain isn’t going to hurt. But, heavy rain can broke the bamboo blinds.

Are PVC blinds waterproof?

Made from a high grade PVC, they’re durable and waterproof, so ideal if they’re going to be near your sink, shower or bath and being blackout, they’ll give you all the privacy you need.

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