Best Blinds for Balcony in Bangalore – 2021

If your looking for Blinds for Balcony in Bangalore, then this blog will help you to pick the perfect blinds for your need. When it comes to balcony blinds, Most of you want blinds to get protection from Sunlight, Rain & Dust. So keeping this in mind let’s see the options available in the market.

Blinds for Balcony are incredible because they let you control the measure of sun pummeling, giving you conceal when and where you need it most. As individuals start investing more energy outside, they may contemplate whether Balcony blinds are ideal for them.

Here, you will be getting in-depth information about Balcony blinds in Bangalore, So lets begin.

What are Outdoor Blinds?

An outdoor blinds (also known as exterior shades) is very similar to traditional roller balcony blinds. The difference is that the shade is typically woven from PVC material, creating a mesh-like fabric that allows more light to pass through. The interior components are regularly made with heavier obligation materials than indoor shades so they withstand the components.

In this beautiful silicon city Outdoor blinds are the best option to go for, As we keep on looking for new and imaginative approaches to make open air living spaces. We can really ‘live’ in, It’s all about making it as comfortable as being indoors while surrounded by nature.

Outdoor blinds may sound like a bit of an oxymoron when you’re trying to enjoy those beautiful views, but you may be amazed at how much flexibility they offer.

Balcony Blinds Price

Rs.75/- per SQFTSingle-line threadingBrown,White,Cream,Grey,Green18% GST
Rs.85/- per SQFTDouble-line threadingBrown,White,Cream,Grey,Green18% GST
Rs.95/- per SQFTDouble-line threadingBrown,White,Cream,Grey,Green18% GST
Rs.115/- per SQFTDouble-line threadingBrown,White,Cream,Grey,Green18% GST

Advantages of Balcony Blinds in Bangalore

1. Protection from Sun, Rain, and Dust

Consistently, Balcony blinds can safeguard you from the Sun and wind. Bringing down a visually impaired when it gets altogether too warm can permit you to stay in your outside living space, easily there’s less stress over completing lunch before it becomes excessively hot, for example taking your book inside when the wind starts to blow.

2. Privacy

Your blinds for balcony in Bangalore can likewise help give your outdoor space a component of privacy. In case you’re lucky to have a lot of room this may not be an issue, however, those of us with close-by neighbors may invite the opportunity to appreciate a touch more confinement outside. With outdoor blinds, you can enjoy your outdoor time in total privacy with PVC balcony blinds.

3. Regulate Temperature

Balcony blinds in Bangalore give you an approach to control the temperature even before it turns into an issue. In the event that it’s cold outside, lower your blinds to obstruct the breeze. In the event that it’s as of now hot simply bring down your blinds to keep the space as obscure as could really be expected.

Having the option to manage the temperature and control the measure of light, Window blinds for balcony in Bangalore let assists you with making an open to developing space for your plants that don’t care for direct daylight.

4. Designs and Colors

In case you’re rebuilding your home or simply need to give a more established family home a facelift, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that outdoor blinds make an excellent option for automatic arm awnings.

Bring new life to your outdoor space with balcony blinds in Bangalore, with tons of designs and colors to choose.

Are Bamboo Blinds Good for Balcony?

Made of natural bamboo fibers, these shades are an Eco-friendly choice for your outdoor arena. Bamboo blinds can be used outdoor and they are versatile too, But we don’t recommend Bamboo blinds for balcony because bamboo blinds are not made for rash temperatures.

Too much heat can make the bamboo burn and too much rainwater can make the blinds spoil. Bamboo blinds give only 1-2 years of life, So if you need blinds for balcony in Bangalore to avoid the sun, rain, and dust, then PVC Balcony blinds are a better choice for you. PVC balcony blinds give 7-8 years of life easily, if while maintained.

Fabric Colors and Designs

Your choice of fabric, colors, and designs can make all the difference in the world when it comes to outdoor blinds for balcony in Bangalore. There are lots of varieties in designs and colors available for you to choose from, but not all fabrics are the same.

Some fabrics like cotton, linen, and similar textiles, which are prone to tears and far from weather-resistant. So it better to go with fabrics like; PVC and wooden for balcony purposes.

There are limited colors when it comes to balcony blinds in Bangalore. some of the colors available in the market are; Brown, White, Grey, Green, etc.

Installation Outdoor Balcony Blinds

All blinds for balcony in Bangalore will have their own installation hardware and instructions, most installations are very easy. Brackets and wood screws are included. Though depending on the type of surface you will be installing on (such as brick, stone or metal) you may need alternative screws like masonry or self-tapping screws. For large shades, you may also need an extra set of hands to help support the shade.

If you Order Balcony blinds in Bangalore from, then installation process is taken care from the company side with installation chargers applied.

How to maintain Balcony Blinds

Blinds for balcony in Bangalore are easy to maintain and clean. Since they are designed to hold up in rush whether conditions you can gently remove them down to rinse off pollen, dust gently. For tougher spots, a bit of diluted, mild dish soap and a soft sponge should do the trick.

Do not use a power washer as this may cause the shade to rip or tear.

Balcony Blinds FAQ

Do Outdoor Blinds Keep Rain Out?

Outdoor PVC Blinds may deflect rain water if it’s only a light drizzle. However, due to their woven nature there are small holes that can let rain through, so they won’t keep out the rain entirely.

Can we see through balcony blinds ?

It’s hard to see through balcony blinds, We can see through light filtering blinds at night? Light filtering shades not only help you in light control, but they also give moderate privacy.

Best Blinds for Balcony?

PVC Balcony Blinds,

If you need blinds for balcony in Bangalore to avoids rash sunlight, rain and dust, then PVC balcony blinds is the best option to go with.
It is available at affordable price and give 7-8 years of life easily.

What is the cost of Balcony blinds in Bangalore

If you’re looking for blinds for balcony in Bangalore, then there are different fabric and designs to go with, the Price range of Balcony blinds are;
(Rs.75, Rs.85, Rs.95 and Rs.115) per SQFT depending on the fabric and design you go with.

Where to Buy Balcony Blinds in Bangalore

If your planning to buy Blinds for Balcony in Bangalore, then the best place to buy from is Sonu Home Furnishings. With over 8 years of Experience in the furnishings field and 2000+ clients in Bangalore, Sonu Home Furnishings will provide you the best Balcony Blinds with varieties of Fabric, Designs, and Colors at an affordable price range.

Any More Questions?

Our Design Consultants are available to help answers all your questions, walk you through measuring and help you decide on a color or Design. Our help is always free: +91 6360787290.